Seat Gap Filler Review

Seat Gap Filler

A seat gap filler is a device or accessory that is designed to fill the gap or space between the front seat and the center console of a car. The purpose of a seat gap filler is to prevent items from falling into the gap, such as cell phones, keys, coins, or other small items.
It also provides an extra storage space for these items. A seat gap filler can be made of different materials, such as leather, foam, or fabric, and is usually designed to fit the specific make and model of a car.

Why would you not get one?

On average we lost about 9 items a day, part of it is our cars. This gap filler can help reduce that number

Not having a seat gap filler can be a disadvantage as it can lead to loss or damage of small items such as phones, keys, coins, etc. that may fall into the gap and become difficult to retrieve. It also means missing out on additional storage space for these items. 

Furthermore, items left in the gap may interfere with driving by obstructing gear shifting or creating a hindrance to foot movement. Hence, having a seat gap filler can provide a convenient and practical solution to these problems.

Traditional vs Newer Version

There are many variation of this item but the traditional one seems to be the best




  •  Easier to place in your car with the hole in the gap filler
  • Fits with any car
  • Prevents items from getting lost in your car
  •  Doesn’t move around when driving


  • Doesn’t have storage to place items (i.e. phone or cup)


  • Can place a cup, wallet, phone and more items on it
  • Has a hole to let the charger go trough the gap filler while charging


  • Doesn’t fit with all cars
  • Moves around when driving if not the exact size of the car gap
it shows the traditional seat gap filler

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